Belgian Fashion: Meet Wim Bruynooghe and his SS16 collection

Wim Bruynooghe, SS16

Wim Bruynooghe. A designer that I’ll always associate with the powerful dress that he closed his graduation collection with in Antwerp, 2013. I was actually backstage when they put the plastic-y dress on the model. I had to hold my breath for a while. The blue dress was so fragile yet impeccably stunning. The graduation show was actually the first time that I realized that fashion is much more than the superficial side. Yes, it is beautiful to look at but the work and story that goes behind the fabric makes it so much intriguing and addictive! Continue reading

OBEY Worldwide Propaganda


SAMSUNG CSCOBEY, a clothing brand that everyone who is remotely into street fashion knows. What started as street art 1989 and grown into a worldwide street art campaign, OBEY has embraced its success and is now literally everywhere from pop culture, to commercial marketing to political messaging. The brand has been so hyped up that I’ve tried to stay away from it until it caught up on me. Today on the blog, a not-so-obey-obey sweater!

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Tunnel Vision


I’m always quite dumbfound when people want to live or work abroad. Many people I know actually want to get away from Antwerp, Belgium and go for an adventure abroad. Me? I haven’t had that desire yet. Why would I when I keep discovering great things about the fashion capital of Belgium? For today’s outfit, I picked up the binoculars and saw nothing but greatness!

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