[REVIEW] Tiny Tea Teatox by Your Tea


The new trend in the health department seems to be detoxing. Anything from juices to tea supposedly would help you cleanse your body and might even help you slim down. I’ve seen tons of before and after shots of people drinking tea and it immediately got my attention. I had the opportunity to test the Tiny Tea Teatox by Your Tea!

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CANON Pro Imaging Days


During the last week of november, I was invited to check out what CANON had in store for us from their Pro Imaging collection. I am talking about newest developments and models concerning photo, video, projectors, surveillance and printing. For this occasion, they had invited a few top photographers to teach us noobies a thing or two (more like five hundred).

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Winter strikes back


One of the things that I have been fashionably hoarding since the summer are fall and winter essentials. I remember me grabbing stuff that I would wear in the fall and the winter during the summer sales. And at last the cold season has arrived and it is time for me to show off my winter jackets!

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